Crossbody bags are a fashionable yet ergonomic way to carry your belongings on the go. This is because the crossbody bag design slings the strap around your upper body rather than dangling off your shoulder.

The result is a bag that can carry a lot of stuff while still being comfortable to wear, especially when you are traveling or going to work or school. Not to mention, they look pretty cool.

For you parents, a crossbody bag can save your back when used as a diaper bag, as they can carry a surprising amount and leave your hands free.

I always used to carry around a large handbag stuffed to the brim with items I don’t necessarily need, but wanted to have on hand. Since there aren’t pockets to keep my stuff organized, I was always digging through it, getting frustrated because I couldn’t find what I needed.

If only I had a bag that kept my things organized so I could find them right away.

Lucky for me, and anyone else who shares this same problem, crossbody bags are meant to store your items, keep them safe, and keep them organized.

Unlike purses or pants to hold your keys, wallet, and phone, crossbody bags wrap around your body and are closer to your hands. No pickpockets today! You can also wear them on your chest, so you can see where your bag is at all times.

If you’re traveling, crossbody bags can be used as a carry-on and can easily fit under the seat or go in the overhead compartment with your luggage.

The many pockets that are included can hold your tickets, so you don’t need to carry them with you as you walk through the airport or bus station.

For school or work, the crossbody bags can hold your laptop, smart devices, and books. You don’t need to carry around a bulky bag on your back anymore that causes pain from all the weight.

Crossbody bags distribute weight evenly to relieve stress on your shoulders, neck, and back.

Having less stress on those parts of your body are perfect for moms and dads because the crossbody bags can serve as diaper bags.

What’s nice is that they don’t look like diaper bags and you can carry more than just your baby’s items. This is especially great for dads that don’t want to look like they’re carrying around a diaper bag.

What is the best crossbody bag?

If you’re thinking of transitioning from using your pants or purse to a bag that can carry anything you can think of, then take a look at the list below of the best crossbody bags.

Each one is specifically tailored to a certain need. Read through the list and then choose which crossbody bag is best for you!

Luck Route Crossbody Pack101 Check Price
Leathario Crossbody Bag for Men91 Check Price
RiteTrak Sports Crossbody Bag81 Check Price
Slope Crossbody Rope Strap Diaper Bag66 Check Price
Topnicebag Crossbody Bag43 Check Price
WATERFLY Crossbody Triangle Pack for Hiking 31 Check Price
Vintage Leather Crossbody Messenger Bag17 Check Price
Luck Route Crossbody Pack
If you want a gender neutral crossbody bag, then the Luck Route Sling Bag Crossbody and Over the Shoulder Pack is the best crossbody bag for you.

Both men and women can use it because this crossbody bag comes in three different colors.

I don’t know about anyone else, but whenever I want to order...
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Leathario Crossbody Bag for Men
Are there men out there who carry more than just their wallet, keys, and phone? If you are always stuffing your pockets with personal items, this is the best crossbody bag for men to carry during the day.

The Leathario crossbody bag for men can be used for school, going out, shopping, and traveling...
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RiteTrak Sports Crossbody Bag
If you frequently travel, then you know what it’s like to worry about having a bag that’ll fit in the overheard compartment on a plane.

RiteTrack is the best crossbody bag for travel.

The reason this crossbody bag is perfect for traveling is because the quality stitching and strong seams make ...
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Slope Crossbody Rope Strap Diaper Bag
If you have babies, then you know they require a lot of diapers, wipes, bottles, snacks, blankets, burp cloths, extra set of clothes, and the list goes on.

This is the best crossbody bag for moms and dads because it serves as a diaper bag. Especially if you’re tired of those big, bulky diaper bag...
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Topnicebag Crossbody Bag
Whether you’re the bare essentials kind of person or are alert to the possibility of identity theft, the Topnicebag is the best crossbody bag to hold small items, as well as protect against identity theft.

Inside the bag, there’s a small zippered inner pocket that has shielding technology and h...
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WATERFLY Crossbody Triangle Pack for Hiking
Would you rather spend your time hiking outdoors? This is the best crossbody bag for hiking because it’s rain and snow proof.

You can have it on your back in the downpour or heavy snowfall and none of your items will get wet. You don’t need to wear a poncho that covers your bag anymore!

The WA...
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Vintage Leather Crossbody Messenger Bag
Does your work require you to bring a laptop with you at all times? If your answer is yes, then this is the best crossbody bag for work!

The RusticTown leather crossbody bag has two compartments that are large enough to carry your laptop, smart devices, and books.

There is also an inner zipper poc...
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