The best cutting boards are great for cutting and chopping meats, vegetables, and fruits, but it’s difficult to find the perfect one.

There are wood ones that will harbor bacteria due to the knife marks; there are plastic ones that will warp over time; and there are marble ones that may break easily.

I don’t know about you, but we’re pretty resistant to the idea of buying a luxurious wooden cutting board with a high price tag.

I mean, they are beautiful as display pieces, but it’s a cutting board!

What Is the Best Cutting Board Material?

So rather than fine woods such as maple and mahogany, in this list of the best cuttings boards, there are bamboo, plastic, and marble cutting boards.

The plastic and bamboo cutting boards may not hold up as well as marble, but they are cheap and easy to replace.

Meanwhile, marble cuttings boards give you a beautiful surface to chop on that won’t wear over time.

These cuttings boards on our list all differ from one another in terms of their materials, but they do have one thing in common: they’re one of the best cuttings boards out there for you to use!

My Cutting Board Experience

For the longest time, my husband and I used a handmade wood cutting board. It had never been coated, so after many uses, it was beaten up.

Both sides were cut up, chipping off, and we were getting splinters. Finally, I told him we needed to get a better one.

At the time, I was working in a kitchen. We always used plastic cutting boards, so I convinced him to get one.

Instead of doing our research, we went to the store, grabbed the first plastic one we saw, and put it in our kitchen.

That was a big mistake. The cutting board began to warp after washing it, it slid everywhere, and chicken juice got all over the counter.

This is why research is important.

Are the Best Cutting Boards for Your Kitchen on Our List?

Don’t worry though; you don’t need to go far for your research.

We already did that for you. There are plenty of great affordable cutting boards that are made to last.

Read through our list of the very best cuttings boards and pick out the best cutting board for your needs today!

By the time you’re finished reading, you’ll be telling yourself you want a cutting board that has a juice groove built in. I know I did.

Neoflam Marble Cutting Board115 Check Price
Vettore Large Non-Slip Poly Cutting Board91 Check Price
Royal Craft Wood Natural Bamboo Cutting Board86 Check Price
Faberware 3-Piece Plastic Cutting Board Set79 Check Price
OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board67 Check Price
Chef Splendid Heat Resistant Cutting Board Set55 Check Price
Chef’s Inspiration Plastic Cutting Board51 Check Price
Chef Remi Rubber Wood Cutting Board50 Check Price
Neoflam Marble Cutting Board
Are you embarrassed of your stained cutting boards?

With this marble cutting board from Neoflam , you no longer need to hide them from guests.

These are the best cutting boards that are stain-resistant. With its dark color, bright fruits and vegetable stains will not appear on it.

This cutting b...
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Vettore Large Non-Slip Poly Cutting Board
If wood is not your go-to for your chopping needs, then look to this cutting board by Vettore!

This is the best cutting board that will keep your knives from getting dull.

Made of high quality, non-porous polyethylene, this board will not dull your knife and will prevent bacteria from getting in t...
Read more... >>
Royal Craft Wood Natural Bamboo Cutting Board
Bamboo has been said to be very hygienic when it comes to cutting boards.

Have you always worried about having an anti-bacterial cutting board?

Well, this bamboo cutting board is the best cutting board that cuts down on bacteria!

Made of 100% bamboo, this cutting board is all natural, eco-friend...
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Faberware 3-Piece Plastic Cutting Board Set
Sometimes, cutting boards can be expensive for just one.

This Faberware set is the best set of cutting boards with an inexpensive price, and it comes with three!

You can use the paddle cutting board for loaves of bread, cheeses, and meats.

One of the boards comes with a groove built in to contai...
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OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board
One of the reasons why people throw out their cutting boards is because it seals in odors.

With this one, you don’t need to do that.

OXO is known for its great designs, and this is the best cutting board for being well designed as well as odor-resistant. Its non-porous plastic keeps out odors.

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Chef Splendid Heat Resistant Cutting Board Set
With plastic cutting boards, some of them may melt or warp from the heat of a dishwasher or the heat from food.

This is the best cutting board that is durable and heat-resistant, made by Chef Splendid brand.

The durability can withstand up to 212 degrees and is dishwasher safe.

It will not crack ...
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Chef’s Inspiration Plastic Cutting Board
If you’ve cut food and had it move around, then you know it’s irritating.

This cutting board by Chef’s inspiration is the best plastic cutting board that prevents food from sliding around it.

With its textured surface, it stops food from slipping off the board. It comes as a set of 3, so y...
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Chef Remi Rubber Wood Cutting Board
It’s frustrating when you’re trying to cut food and the board keeps slipping.

This is the best cutting board that won’t slip by Chef Remi brand.

Made of rubber wood, this eco-friendly cutting board is non-slip, which customers can’t stop talking about.

The rubber wood is less porous than...
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