We all need fewer wires and cables in our lives, having the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds is becoming the tangle-free standard in personal audio.

Our bluetooth earbuds reviews will help you pick the perfect pair for your workout without you worrying about your precious earbuds falling out and stopping your flow.

Wireless Bluetooth earbuds can be especially helpful in our daily lives in a number of ways. Wireless earbuds are a savior when I am exercising at the gym or going out for a run.

If you are anything like me, when I am really focused on my workout, I tend to forget that I have wires attached to me and almost always end up ripping my corded earbuds out of my ears.

Then, of course, I have to stop whatever I am doing to fix my situation.

bluetooth earbuds reviews

The best wireless Bluetooth earbuds help you workout freely!

When you’re in the zone and working out, the last thing I wan
t to worry about is my headphone wire getting in the way and messing up my groove.

And then there is the added benefit of just being able to carry out so many different, everyday tasks without having to worry about a headphone cord.

When we look at the evolution of headphones, Bluetooth wireless earbuds are still a newer option, but they have certainly made our lives easier and continue to do so as the technology keeps improving.

bluetooth wireless earbuds

Do other brands beat Apple for the title of best wireless bluetooth earbuds?

Now, when I do see other people with wireless earbuds out and about, 9 times out of 10 they are using Apple’s premium priced Bluetooth wireless earbuds.

To be honest, I have tried the Airpods wireless earbuds from Apple, and I can say that they are most certainly not the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds out there despite their $159 price tag.

For one thing, they constantly fall out when moving about. And Bluetooth bluetooth earbuds made by Apple do stay in, they are honestly not really that comfortable to be wearing for a super long time.

There is something about the hard plastic these wireless earbuds are made of that really makes my ears sore after wearing them for a while.

This is why Apple Airpods wireless earbuds are not reviewed on this list. They are simply not the best wireless Bluetooth earbuds out there!

Instead of focusing on big name brands you can find anywhere, we looked for the best wireless Bluetooth headphones according to real online user reviews.

For this reason, we have some brands of headphones that you might not see anywhere else but online. That doesn’t mean their quality and sound quality isn’t fantastic though.

The bluetooth earbuds reviews online and our own testing made this list pretty easy to put together. These are certainly the best wireless Bluetooth headphones out there right now, and they won’t cost you an arm and a leg!

Joyful Heart JH-800 Waterproof Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds 119 Check Price
NENRENT S570 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds111 Check Price
SENSO Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds97 Check Price
Simenmax Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds90 Check Price
APIE Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Earbuds88 Check Price
Anlo Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds84 Check Price
TaoTronics Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds75 Check Price
SoundPEATS Magnetic Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds74 Check Price
Phaiser BHS-730 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds73 Check Price
Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones68 Check Price
Anker Soundbuds Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds61 Check Price
FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds60 Check Price
Hhusali Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds59 Check Price
Forone Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds53 Check Price
AELEC S350 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds52 Check Price
Redlink 4.1 Stereo Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds46 Check Price
Joyful Heart JH-800 Waterproof Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
These earbuds are great for any particular use you can think of – outdoor running, working out at the gym, listening to music or podcasts at the office, or talking on the phone.

The Joyful heart JH-800 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds are designed to fit your ear snugly and comfortably, so as not to ...
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NENRENT S570 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
With the introduction of Bluetooth technology, people have been shedding their cords and opting for a more hands-free way of life.

The NENRENT S570 Wireless Bluetooth headphone took the cordless philosophy to a new level and designed the best Bluetooth headphone for those who really don’t want t...
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SENSO Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
What can’t the SENSO Bluetooth earbuds do? If this is the first question being asked about a product, there is likely good reason that it has ended up on our list of Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.

These wireless earbuds are compatible with both iPhone and Android and they are able to connect ...
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Simenmax Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
The Simenmax bluetooth earbud set is not only stylish, but also extremely easy to use.

It comes with one earbud that has three different-sized tips to choose from to determine your own best fit.

Additionally, the earbud will work in either your right or left ear.

It features wireless chargi...
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APIE Bluetooth Headphones Wireless Earbuds
The APIE wireless bluetooth earbuds are an Amazon #1 Bestseller, which is why we had to include them on our list of Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.

This product is all about convenience. These buds allow for Bluetooth connection to two devices at the same time and features an onboard control tha...
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Anlo Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
The Anlo headphones are another set that combines comfort and quality in a single pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones.

They come with the standard different sizes for the in-ear pieces that are flexible and soft.

The over the ear hook is flexible, so it allows for a bit more security than one th...
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TaoTronics Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
The TaoTronics wireless bluetooth earbuds claim to be the best sports earbuds on the market and with thousands of positive reviews, we absolutely had to include them on our list of Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.

These earbuds are sweatproof, which allows you to push the limits and exercise your...
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SoundPEATS Magnetic Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds
The SoundPEATS headphones are designed to be ergonomic, but are smaller in design than other Bluetooth headphones, so they won’t give you a bulky feel.

They are also a great bet if you’ve had issues with spotty reception before, as these are clear whether you’re right next to your device or...
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Phaiser BHS-730 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
The Phaiser wireless Bluetooth headphones are the best headphones for those that really work up a sweat.

The manufacturer is so convinced that the Liquipel Nano Coating on the buds will withstand even the sweatiest workouts that they offer a lifetime sweat proof warranty that guarantees to replac...
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Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth Headphones
The Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth earbuds feature what the manufacturer calls “a convenient shark-like magnet,” which attracts and hold on to the earbuds when they are not in use.

The design also allows the user to easily carry the buds around their neck instead of having to hold them.

The Mpow...
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Anker Soundbuds Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
Customizable, long-lasting and water resistant: These are three of the big reasons that the Anker Soundbuds made our list of best wireless Bluetooth earbuds.

While many earbuds on the market will include various sized ear tips to fit different users, the Anker set also throws in small, medium, or l...
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FOCUSPOWER F10 Mini Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
First of all, these earbuds make users look and feel like a secret agent, so that gives them an edge right there.

But of course we all know that while looking cool is important when it comes to earbuds, it is not the only thing that matters.

Focuspower buds s come with three different sizes o...
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Hhusali Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
The Hhusali wireless Bluetooth earbuds made our list of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones because, essentially, it was hard to find something negative to say about these solid performers.

First, they are ergonomically designed to fit in your ear comfortably and stay comfortable over a longer ...
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Forone Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
This product was reviewed hundreds of times and because the reviews were overwhelmingly positive, which is why we had to include it on our list of Best Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds.

These buds feature excellent sound quality and allows the user to pair them with two devices at the same time.

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AELEC S350 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds
If you are all about comfort, the AELEC S350 wireless Bluetooth headphones were designed with you in mind.

It comes with different size earpieces, so you have options of what works best for you, but the angle at which they’re made is purposeful so that an over the ear hook isn’t necessary.

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If you’re new to the Bluetooth wave, the Redlink wireless Bluetooth headphones come with a 12-month warranty for a free replacement of full refund, which is perfect for someone who is unsure about taking the plunge.

For the price of these headphones, there’s also not much risk involved initiall...
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