Choosing the best baby backpack is important.

Both psychologists and anthropologists have noted that the closeness baby backpacks provide helps to build communication and promote emotional development in your baby.

Baby backpacks can also help build motor skills due to the motion of being carried.

Whether it’s the motion or the closeness, studies have shown that carried babies are less prone to crying fits. We’ll take that as a win!

Plus, baby backpacks are so handy to use if you are planning on going anywhere that requires using your hands while out with your little one (in other words: everywhere).

The best baby backpack for your child will support your little one so as not hinder development in any way, and makes them feel safe and close to you.

But while you want what’s best for your babe in arms, you also want to balance that with what will work best for you as well.

The best baby back packs for you will distribute your baby’s weight widely to reduce the strain on you back, while at the same time keeping your baby secure and comfortable.

The benefits of carrying your baby around won’t be felt if you’re too sore or uncomfortable to keep the pack on for any period of time.

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of some of the best baby carriers available on Amazon to find what will work best for both you and your baby.

Babi Bambino Ergonomic Baby Backpack116 Check Price
BABYBJORN Original Baby Backpack 90 Check Price
Mo+m – Mothers on the Move 4 Way Baby Backpack 87 Check Price
Lillebaby 360 Ergonomic Baby Backpack82 Check Price
LILLEbaby Ring Baby Sling with Removable Pockets73 Check Price
Lanova Baby Backpack48 Check Price
Infantino Flip Advanced 4 in 1 Convertible Baby Backpack 22 Check Price
Babi Bambino Ergonomic Baby Backpack
With a built in headphone port, this is the best baby backpack for parents who like some background music on the go.

The Babi Bambino incorporates the ergonomic wide hip belt and wider straps, but also throws in a dedicated headphone port in case you need some extra motivation to make it through ...
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BABYBJORN Original Baby Backpack
If having a well-known baby back pack brand is important to you, than the BABYBJORN is the best baby back pack for you.

Known throughout the baby world, the BJORN brand is trusted as one of the first companies to make hands free carriers popular.

This original baby carrier is great for newborn...
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Mo+m – Mothers on the Move 4 Way Baby Backpack
This baby back pack could be your best bet if you really need strong wrap around hip support.

The hip band is wide to provide extra strength and distribute the weight evenly, so you aren’t feeling the strain after longer trips.

The seat is built in foam construction that supports you baby in...
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Lillebaby 360 Ergonomic Baby Backpack
If comfort is you goal, and you want lots of carrying options, this is the best baby back pack for you.

This baby carrier was voted most comfortable by users.

Given all of the ways you can wear it, you have plenty of options to find what works best for you and your child.

It’s also acknow...
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LILLEbaby Ring Baby Sling with Removable Pockets
If you or your child have a preference for closer, snuggly contact that is more of a sling than a baby backpack, this type of baby carrier would be best for you.

The sling design frees up your hands to take care of everyday tasks, but keeps your baby resting close to you with a swaddling affect. ...
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Lanova Baby Backpack
The Lanova baby carrier is sold by Vedar Beauty.

This baby backpack is designed around the International Hip Dysplasia Institute’s statement that carrying you baby with his or legs dangling is bad for hip and spine development.

Lanova has opted to simulate the natural position a baby would b...
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Infantino Flip Advanced 4 in 1 Convertible Baby Backpack
If you’re not a fan of cleaning your carrier of spit-up and drool, than we may have found the best baby backpack for easy cleaning.

In addition to its regular function of holding your baby, this carrier comes with a Wonder Cover Bib that attaches inward or outward to prevent all that baby goodn...
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