When designing your space, it’s easy to forget that lighting options can make a big difference.

The best ceiling fan with light for your design scheme can both ventilate and illuminate the room you install it in.

What you hang from your ceiling can change the whole look from traditional, to urban, to contemporary so finding the right piece is key to tying everything together.

Many times, fans get less consideration because so many are unsure of how the style of a fan will fit with the look of a room.

So a lot of home improvement involves picking a generic fan that might not look that special, but at least doesn’t clash.

What Ceiling Fan Style Is Right for You?

However, with so many different options of styling these days, there is a fan style for everyone out there. So you can pick a ceiling fan with light fixture that you actually love.

Not to mention the environmental and efficiency benefits of having a fan. If you’re without a central air, you are well aware that air conditioning units are not only a pain to install, but they don’t exactly blend with any look.

On top of that, they can cost a small fortune in energy.  Utilizing a fan can keep you cooler while expending less energy, a different you’re sure to notice on your next electric bill.

A lot of people don’t know, though, that it can also help keep a room better heated in winter, too.  If you’re in the fan market, it’s a good idea to look for a fan with a reversible option.

Having the blades spin the opposite direction can keep all of your heat from rising to the ceiling where it doesn’t do people at normal height any good.

For every degree you turn the thermostat down because you’re using the heat more efficiently you’ll save between three and five percent off heating costs.

Combine the savings of less air conditioning and less heating, and you’ll find a basic fan has paid for itself within the first year.

Other things to keep in mind once you’ve decided to the ceiling fan route is what size is right for the room you plan to use it in.

As you might expect, smaller fans work better in smaller spaces, whereas larger fans will send a wave of cooler air across bigger spaces.

Putting a fan that is too large into a small room can also work against you in a decorating sense.

Much like placing too large of furniture in a small space can make the room look small, the same is true for lighting.

Going hand in hand with the size of the actual fan is how it can be hung.  Some fans you can use on multiple ceiling heights, but others you can only use from a rod and others are strictly flush mount.

If your ceiling is angled, that’s another option to watch for. The higher the ceiling you have, the more space you can work with, but you’ll also want to have the fan low enough to clean or operate if it doesn’t come with a remote control.

If you’re still not bought into the interior design concept of a fan because of the lighting or the noise, ten read on.

Many ceiling fans designed for the home now take into consideration the level of noise that is produced.

It is very likely that you wouldn’t hear a fan at all with the way the motors are designed these days.  If any noise is made, it’s usually a quiet whisper on the high setting.

As for the lighting, you can pick and choose fans now that provide a lot of light if needed in a low lighted area or a place in the home that requires more light, or a softer glow so as not to overwhelm the mood of a room.

If you fall in love with a fan design whose lights aren’t bright enough, or are too bright, it’s usually the case that you can replace the bulbs to make it work for your own needs.

Find the Perfect Ceiling Fan with Light for Your Space!

Overall, ceiling fans are a great idea to add more comfort and even style to your space.

Now that you know what to look for, here’s a list of some of the best options out there.

With all the different options, we’re confident that there is a great ceiling fan out there for you. This list makes a great starting point!

Hunter Builder Deluxe 5-blade Single Light Ceiling Fan with Light99 Check Price
Westinghouse Elite 48-inch Ceiling Fan with Light92 Check Price
Emerson Pro Series 50-inch Ceiling Fan with Light81 Check Price
Westinghouse Harmony 48-inch Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light66 Check Price
Hunter Builder Plus 52-Inch Ceiling Fan with Light51 Check Price
Litex Urbana 48-inch Ceiling Fan with Light34 Check Price
Hunter Conroy 42-Inch Onyx Bengal Ceiling Fan with Light21 Check Price
Hunter Builder Deluxe 5-blade Single Light Ceiling Fan with Light
If you’ve ever shopped around for ceiling fans, you know that Hunter dominates the market with options, so of course they would be included in our list of best ceiling fans with lights.

The Hunter Builder Deluxe model offers a traditional option by a trusted brand in the fan industry.

This fan...
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Westinghouse Elite 48-inch Ceiling Fan with Light
The Westinghouse Elite fan is the best lighted ceiling fan for shopper that are looking for a contemporary style at an affordable price.

However, it doesn’t cool very large spaces, but at the price point, you could always put one in each room for specified cooling.

Made for smaller rooms up to 1...
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Emerson Pro Series 50-inch Ceiling Fan with Light
If you like a more traditional fan design, than the Emerson Pro Series Ceiling Fan is your best bet.

Incorporating the traditional 5 wood style blades, the lighting is a traditional dome light with pull strings.

The bronze finish is polished and classic, so you can have confidence it will fit ...
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Westinghouse Harmony 48-inch Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light
If you want a fan that will also be a conversation starter, then this is your best ceiling fan, as it is a statement piece with functionality. With just two 48-inch blades, the Westinghouse Harmony fan cools or warms rooms up to 144 square feet with a reversible fan switch.

There was some agreemen...
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Hunter Builder Plus 52-Inch Ceiling Fan with Light
Another option from Hunter, the Builder Plus offers another design option at a lower price.

Whereas the Builder Deluxe featured the classic fan dome light, the Builder Plus has three frosted glass candelabra lights that give a fancier fell to the fan.

The brushed nickel fan holders are also a nice...
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Litex Urbana 48-inch Ceiling Fan with Light
If you enjoy all things urban and modern in your décor, than we’ve got the best lighted ceiling fan for you with the Litex Urbana.

Like more traditional fans, this one has four 48 inch blades. But, unlike most fans, the blades are squared off on the ends.

This small but noticeable design, comb...
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Hunter Conroy 42-Inch Onyx Bengal Ceiling Fan with Light
No surprise, but Hunter makes the list again with the Conroy ceiling fan.

The most affordable option yet, this fan is almost a steal if you’re looking for a trusted name brand.

The Conroy also offers three different color options: Burnished Mahogany, White, or Rosewood/Dark Maple, opening up a nu...
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