Kids with special needs often tend to prefer sensory toys.
We’ve gathered the 9 best toys for kids with autism according to thousands of reviews from real parents and caregivers.
We think the toys on this list make for hours of fun, please let us know your top choice by voting!
Plastic Pin Art Sensory Toy112 Check Price
Wiggle Seat Inflatable Sensory Chair Cushion100 Check Price
Learning Resources Pretend & Play Teaching Cash Register94 Check Price
Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper88 Check Price
Penguin Race 2 Toy87 Check Price
Galt Folding Trampoline81 Check Price
26 Toy Sensory Stimulation Bundle80 Check Price
Melissa & Doug Wood Farm Sound Puzzle69 Check Price
Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Coal Hopper Figure 8 Set62 Check Price
Plastic Pin Art Sensory Toy
These pin art toys make for a great sensory distraction or fidget aid for kids and adults alike. This one uses plastic needles rather than metal for added safety and colorful fun. If you aren’t already familiar with this classic toy, you can press your hands or other objects into the pins and they...
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Wiggle Seat Inflatable Sensory Chair Cushion
Does your kid with autism have trouble sitting still? This is an all too common behavior that is perfectly complemented by the Wiggle Seat. This inflatable sensory chair cushion fits on any seat to give kids with autism a fun way to move around– they never have to sit still while in the Wiggle Sea...
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Learning Resources Pretend & Play Teaching Cash Register
For some reason this cash register seems to be a hit with kids on the autism spectrum. Maybe it’s something about the numbers and counting, or the buttons and drawer with pretend money that can be organized and reorganized. The mechanical and mathematical lessons contained in this toy are astoundi...
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Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper
Children love the simple pleasure of hopping around on a pogo stick. Your kid with autism spectrum will love hopping around on this foam pogo jumper. It’s extremely easy to hop around on this stable pogo stick, and because it is made of foam, it is extremely safe. This foam pogo jumper supports mo...
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Penguin Race 2 Toy
This battery operated mechanical toy is one of those toys that seems to be a universal hit with kids for some unknown reason. It’s a very motivating toy for autistic kids, they will delight in watching the penguins make their way down the track and back up the staircase. Taking the penguins off an...
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Galt Folding Trampoline
Trampolines are a classic toy that all kids love, regardless of whether or not they have special needs. This folding trampoline made by Galt is the best trampoline for kids with autism because it is safely made to help them release energy and be active. The attached handle of the trampoline provides...
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26 Toy Sensory Stimulation Bundle
This isn’t really a single toy but a bundle of 26 toys– a great value. If your child on the autism spectrum needs to be doing something with their hands most of the time, you will be glad to have a large selection of different sensory stimulating fidget toys for them to play with. This is the be...
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Melissa & Doug Wood Farm Sound Puzzle
Wooden puzzles with sound effects help to build coordination and vocabulary using the sensory pleasure of the sounds coming out of the puzzle. Melissa & Doug makes several wooden puzzles featuring farm animals, cars and fish with accompanying noises. This is a great toy for helping to build your aut...
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Fisher-Price Thomas the Train Wooden Railway Coal Hopper Figure 8 Set
Many kids on the autism spectrum seem drawn to Thomas the Train Engine. Countless parents online report that wooden Thomas the Train Engine sets make for an extremely motivating toy that their kids delight in playing with. This figure 8 shaped wooden Thomas train set by Fischer-Price is the best sta...
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